Ghostwriting barrier

The editors of “Przegląd Geopolityczny”, striving to improve the scientific level of published materials, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, introduced the ghostwriting barrier.

Ghostwriting is a phenomenon of not indicating the name of the person who made a significant contribution to the article, was its actual author or co-author. This phenomenon also applies to the failure to indicate the role of the person contributing to the publication through the acknowledgment of the publication.

The phenomenon referred to as guest authorship (honorary authorship) consists in considering a specific person as the author or co-author of the work, although his contribution to the publication was negligible or did not take place at all.

Both attitudes are a manifestation of scientific dishonesty. The detected irregularities will be documented and disclosed by the editors of “Przegląd Geopolityczny” by notifying scientific institutions employing authors, other research centers, journals, etc.

The barrier includes such elements as: an intra-editorial review of all manuscripts submitted for publication, scanning of all manuscripts with anti-plagiarism programs or two independent anonymous external reviews.

The editors of “Przegląd Geopolityczny” kindly ask the authors for a fair practice of disclosing the actual contribution of other people to the article (including affiliation and contribution, i.e. information about who is the author of the concepts, assumptions, methods, etc. used in the preparation of the publication) .

In the interest of ensuring a high scientific level of the journal and guided by the desire to disseminate good academic practices and promote the highest standards in scientific activity, the editorial office of “GUT” recommends the Authors to read the brochures: Good Practices in Review Procedures in Science and Reliability in Scientific Research and Respect for Intellectual Property, which were issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Code of Ethics for Researchers issued by the Polish Academy of Sciences. Links to publishers’ websites from which publications can be downloaded are provided below.