Vol. 43: 2023




Witold J. Wilczyński, For political independence of the Polish Geopolitical Society (editorial article) / 9

Piotr Mickiewicz, Russian special operations and the so-called Gerasimov doctrine / 12

Sylwester Woźniak, Antoni Czeluskin, Russian Orthodox Church and the Kremlin’s imperial policy / 29

Tomasz Pawłuszko, Security policy of Poland – empirical study conclusions / 49

Jarosław Wołejszo, Land Forces of Poland in the face of contemporary threats / 67

Rafał Parczewski, Anna Borucka, Piotr Gładysz, Protection of the external border with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) / 88

Konrad Malasiewicz, Size of Poland’s Armed Forces in view of the war in Ukraine / 105

Marcin Adamczyk, Tomasz Matras, Determinants and implications of the sino-lithuanian trade conflict / 124

Karl Skogstad, Marcin Halicki, Andreas Uphaus, The project supply chain – a model of the recent disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine / 141

Jowita Brudnicka-Żółtaniecka, Social security in Afghanistan after the return of taliban power in a constructivist perspective / 165


Editorial sources, Speeches, interviews, publications & other activities of Polish Geopolitical Society members concerning the Russian aggression in Ukraine during 2022 / 177


14th Meeting of Polish Geopoliticians – Kraków, Nov. 30th, 2022 / 188

5th edition of the International Geopolitical Competition / 194

Statement of the Polish Industrial Lobby concerning gains for Polish aviation industry and its R&D background after acquirement of Korean aircrafts FA-50 / 206

General election of chairman, executive board and audit committee of the Polish Geopolitical Society protocol signed 13th February 2023 / 209


Bohdan Hud, Od Unii Lubelskiej do umowy warszawskiej. Trzy eseje o historii polsko-ukraińskiej, Pracownia Wydawnicza, Warszawa 2022 – Witold J. Wilczyński / 212

Maciej Wojewódka, Cykle a społeczeństwo, giełda i koniunktura gospodarcza, Ridero, Kraków 2022 – Roman Szul / 222

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Contributors / 227

Guidelines for Authors / 232