About Journal

“Przegląd Geopolityczny” (Geopolitical Review), ISSN: 2080-8836 (Print), 2392-067X (Online)founded in 2009, is a quarterly journal of geopolitics and political science published by Polish Geopolitical Society. The journal is published in both print and online versions. Open to contributions by all scholars, the editors invite submission of analytical/theoretical articles, review articles, and research notes bearing on problems in geopolitics, international relations, political geograhy and comparative politics. From 2009-2013 “PG” appeared as an annual. 

The Przegląd Geopolityczny Journal introduces up-to-date trend concerning the forefront researches in all fields of global policy and methodology of political science, such as security studies, game theory, powermetrics etc. “PG” provides also a spot to presents original and novel ideas, outlines some present research activities and methods, forecasts some future research directions.

The journal covers all fields of global policy with four sections:

    • Geopolitics, International Relations, Political Science;
    • Political Geography;
    • Security Studies;
    • Contemporary history;
  • Methodology of Social Sciences (game theory, systems theory, powermetrics).

The patron of our journal is Stańczyk (c. 1480?1560),  the most famous court jester in Polish history, employed by three Polish kings: Alexander, Sigismund Old and Sigismund Augustus. He is remembered as a man of outstanding political intuition and intelligence with formidable insight into current and future geopolitical situation of Poland. He was criticizing and warning his employers by the use of satire and hyperbole.


Stańczyk at a royal ball in 1514 by the great Polish painter Jan Matejko. The jester is depicted as the only person at the ball who is troubled by the news that the Russians have captured Smolensk.